Sunday, June 08, 2008

Some Good news and Bad news

Hey loyal readers! it's BARRY! with some GOOD NEWS! and some bad news.

Good news first. I HAVE GOTTEN MY OLD JOB BACK! at Fitgasm 24. Now they have not offered me my full salary but they HAVE agreed not to continue litigation on my play-biting incident. They have allowed me to work for a quarter of my original salary, but have thrown in unlimited smoothies to help me out.

I will be watched continuously they tell me. WHICH IS FINE. I'm just so happy to be employed again. It's been so hard to eat and live since I lost the job. If it wasn't for my positive attitude, and the Johansens, I don't know what I would have done.

So, onto the bad news. Michel died yesterday. He saw an animal he though was a wolf walking around our bus yesterday, and well, he snuck up on it and tried to hug it. And, well, it ate him. It turns out that it was a coyote, and an hungry one at that.

But don't be sad. Let's keep it positive. He was a good kid, an amazing artist, and I like to think that he died happy because he was doing what he loved, hugging wolves.

The funny thing is that his mom is still alive, and he's dead. Cause his mom does some pretty bad things to her body.


Jeremy Mullis said...

get your own blog barry. michel was a magical cherub and we should honor his memory. Can you give me his carnie movie collection? I am going to sell a bag of his hair (non-pube) on ebay and start a foundation in his name. I have several bags so I should be able to keep the foundation going for several years.

Michel Johansen said...

Don't worry guys, i'm not dead!

JK, THIS IS BARRY! trying to keep it positive. yeah, you want the carnie movies they're yours. Just come by Fitgasm.

I don't know about getting my own blog though. it seems like it would be hard to keep it up. maybe.

knock yourself out with the hair.