Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have joined the business force!

Well, since living on the bus, the Johansens and Mother’s lover (and my new dad!) )Barry have come on hard tymes. We are very cold much of the tyme, we have not eaten warm food in 4 days, and Mother has gone missing.

BUT, ONCE AGAIN!! Barry has used his positive attitude to help out the days.

Barry decided that we really need to “make some money” for “food”. And he has a plan.


We have been walking around our town all afternoon picking things up off the ground, and THEN asking strangers on the street if they will give us money to eat it!

I know what your are thinking . . . and I am thinking the very same thing: BARRY IS A BUSINESS GENIUS, AND NEEDS TO WRITE A BOOK AND/OR HAVE HIS OWN REALITY SHOW BASED ON HIS BUSINESS THEORIES!

And here’s the proof: WE MADE THIRTEEN DOLLARS in only 2 DAYS!.

And Barry says, if we keep it up, (if our stomachs can handle it), AND we stop wasting valuable tyme getting in rock fights with the East Side Hobos, that we’ll make the same amount of money EVERY 2 DAYS!!!

NOW, you might also think that its gross to eat things like terrier poops, dirty band-aids, condoms, and pine straw, but I would say to that: what’s not gross is HAVING 13 DOLLARS! (in Pennies!)

So Michel will keep eating melted ice cream covered in ants, wadded up receipts, green pennies, and pieces of dislodged sidewalk, as long as the money keeps rolling in, OR if some sort of internal bleedings happen.

Double peace.

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Barrys's Furiend said...

Barry said you might want them. I have small litter of pups... They have faces like foxes. Are cute some of them. I posted a flyer at the Western Union if you want to see their faces. Call me if you want them (Must be serious)