Friday, January 11, 2008


It is a whole new exciting new year! 2008 will be full of joyness, excitement, WolfTown, USA meetings, funtymes, collection of found object to use in collages, the search for a girlfriend, a fresh set of collages (about wolves), and candycanes!

The Johansens had a fun tyme for Christmas! even though Michel did not get anything he asked for from the Santa Claus (the Jazzband-in-a-box! home jazzband creator, the Doctor Zhivago box set, OR the humidifier!), and our house burned to the ground.

BUT DON’T WORRY!, we are living in a VERY NICE abandoned bus near the quarry!

It all started on Christmas Eve, when Mother’s meth lab exploded in the living room. It was VERY EXCITING to see the explosion!, but the fact that it burned all of our possessions and the place where we sleep was very sad for Michel.

SO Michel is trying to think happier thinkings. Barry tells me to “keep my head up”, and “try not to think about the burnt hair smell” even though it’s “pretty overpowering”, and it “all that HE can think about”.

He has really got the right attitude. He’s also started doing this real cool “double peace sign” thing. WHICH IS VERY COOL!, and barry says to me that “not a lot of people are doing it” (which is double cool).

Barry says it feels good do make a “double peace sign” especially to people who are defacing your abandoned bus with “really confusing satanic iconography”. He says it lets them know that “you get it”, and that “you’re probably not gonna call the pigs”.

Well, I hope all you readers had a GREAT HOLIDAY!!, even if you don’t believe in holidays. See you soon at the next WolfTown mtg!!


Anson Winfield jr said...

Sorry about the house Michel. You can stay with me if the bus burns down (you'll have that with buses). We pitch a tent in my yard and make s'mores and airbrush wolves on our backs like last summer. Tell Barry to stop texting me.

Michel Johansen said...

Barry says, i'm not "the boss of him". sorry.

But THANK YOU! for the thoughts in our tyme of living in a bus! It's a real "adventure"!!

Just like the movie "into the wild", where the wolfman lives in a bus in colorado! Michel could be a star! if someone would film us (except for Barry.)

the dynamo said...

I realize that because you were able to overcome being in a burning home that you are more powerful than I ever imagined! If I saw you walking down the street, which I would not, because the street is reserved for riding in cars upon, still I would exclaim, "what a man with such power is he who is Michel." Please come to my house sometime and envy me as I have envied you today.

Michel Johansen said...

If it wasn't so cold in this bus, I would get a positive boost from your comments Dynamo!!.


But i'm freezing! Can i come to your house tonight?