Sunday, August 05, 2007

Barry has the Depressions!

Barry is having something called depressions.

He has been laid off from Fitgasm 24!. That is why Michel has not written for some time. (and also the reason WolfTown, USA has not met in way too long) Barry said that is was something called "sexual harrasment" that made him leave the gym and stop being able to personally train people two days a week.

He said that he accidentally brushed up against a customers vagina with his nose when he was spotting her.

And apparently in "those type of situations" he was supposed to immediately say "oh, i'm sorry mam" instead of making "tiger noises", thrashing his head from side to side, and "play-biting" her inner thighs.

He is VERY SAD that he does not have "money" and "a place to wash clothes and get free smoothies" any more. Mother and I are happy to have him stay in our home for as long as it takes for him to get onto his feet, (and stop eating all Michel's Choco Dawgs!!).

On the awesome side, I have convinced Barry to become a member of WolfTown, USA! So YOU ALL WILL GET TO MEET HIM NEXT WEEK at the meeting (location TBD)! YOU WILL LOVE HIM.

He will be happy again next week Michel is sure, unless you mention things like "not having a job", or "vaginas", or if you make "tiger noises".

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