Monday, October 22, 2007


Michel, (and Barry) just rewatched CARNIE HALLOWEEN! to celebrate the fact that the Halloween season is up on us. There are so many part of this movie that are funny that I HAVE TO tell you about!!

The Top 3:

3) Mr Ziddle dresses up like a jaguar and then he fills his hair pants with those generic looking peanut butter candies!! Which was so smart by the Mr. Ziddle character, because none of the kids who work and live at the circus would grab candy because he wasn't wearing any underwears, and he had a stinky "ding ding" that night.

2) There's this tradition in the Carnie world, where the eldest Carnie family member has to go into the woods and prove that they still have the right to live, even though they are draining the family's financial resources. Well, she leaves to go in to the woods (slowly) but before she can even get going, she trips on a tent stake and shatters her pelvis.


1) But, MY FAVORITE PART is where the Carnie family have a big family meeting where they decide whether to spend their last 100 dollars on 83 bags of Chocolate Poppers or use it as a down payment on a new hip for Gammy Carnie.

It was even more hilarious when they realized that while they were making the decision she actually died right in front of them, and well, the decision was made for them! Whew!

Happy Halloween season!!! Tell me what you're gonna be dressing up as this year?

Michel will be dressing up like an English Apothecary! It going to be AWESOME, (unless someone has chosen the same costume of course!) I can not wait to speak my English accent and dispense some homeade medicines to children!

Wolftown, U.S.A. mtg . . . . SOON!

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Anson Winfield jr said...

Stinky ding-dings are my #3 petpeeve after cruelty to animals (wolf) and hairy shoulders (human)!

Love, Anson